Web Content Writing

Clear, informative copy is the mark of a successful website

Solid web copywriting is crucial because it’s content that your site visitors are craving. Of course, you must also have a well-designed, well-developed site, but never forget that web visitors are hungry for information. What you feed them needs to look good and taste good too. That’s what keeps them coming back for more. After all, customer engagement is what drives your business.


Let’s develop your web content.

Content strategy

Content Strategy

Who will consume the information and what do they want/need to hear? What content already exists? What can you edit and repurpose? What needs to be created? Who are your subject matter experts? What are your competitors doing?

Website content

Site Content

Your content is a reflection of your organization. Make sure it’s professional and conversational (yes, you can be both), as well as intelligent, friendly and informative. People notice poorly written content, typos and sloppy spelling, so pay attention to the details.

Content architecture


It needs to be easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for. Give them layers of content to educate and inform. Create a cascade of information that includes both long-form (e.g. Whitepapers and Case Studies) and short-form content (like Blog Posts and News Items).

Landing page

Landing Pages

A critical element of any lead-generation program, a landing page contains targeted content and provides a focus for lead capture. Stay on topic, reinforce your key messages and include a clear call to action.

SEO content integration

SEO Integration

People don’t always search like they speak, so keywords can look a little awkward dropped into web content without care. Working with an SEO expert, a digital content writer can integrate search terms in a way that attracts search engines and pleases people too.

Content curation

Content Curation

Not all web copywriting needs to be created from scratch. Leverage existing materials and sources of knowledge, or partner with experts to grow your content library.



A good web content writer uses headlines and subheads to break up content and make it easy for readers to scan key information. Short sentences and bulleted lists are easy to read, and add welcome whitespace to the page.

Content research

Content Research

It always pays to do your homework. In the right hands, well-researched content becomes something of value, and builds trust, respect and loyalty.

Business blog post

Business Blog Posts

A great way to share expert opinion, educate an audience or provide information about trends and industry challenges. Conversational and interactive, business blogs are a relaxed way to develop customer relationships.

News items

News Items

What’s New segments provide your employees and your customers with short summaries of where you’re hitting the headlines or making the news.



A valuable relationship marketing tool, these regular updates are an excuse to stay in touch and generate leads.

Video scripts

Video Scripts

Start with an outline that focuses on the key messages you want viewers to absorb, and then write like you’re having a conversation. Above all, keep it simple.

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