Marketing Content

Content is King, distribution is Queen and context is crucial

Start your project with an experienced marketing writer, who can help you produce excellent content to match marketing personas and bring customers closer to your brand. Content writing must be consistent, valuable and relevant, and you need to know when to curate, what to create and how to put information into perspective. Using a structured approach and a clear plan, your content strategy should focus your budget and your energy. To be successful, every piece of your marketing content needs a purpose and a goal.


Customer Engagement and Nurture Content

A marketing communications specialist may suggest a mixture of stories, backgrounders and primers such as Case Studies, Whitepapers, Industry Briefs, Thought Leadership Articles and integrated Marketing Collateral. Don’t be afraid to repurpose your content. For example, a section of a case study could also become a blog post or an online article, and even be divided into a series of tweets. Or, if you notice that a blog posting gets a lot of attention, consider building on it with some long-form content, like a well-researched white paper. You need to know who you’re talking to, what kind of content engages them and where they go to consume it. It’s about discovering how, when and what to deliver to nurture relationships and achieve objectives.

I can help you create marketing content that gets the attention it deserves

Thought leadership

Thought Leadership

Nobody knows it better than you do. Create thought leadership articles to establish your authority by publishing your opinions and attracting attention.



Guide your audience through some complex issues to help them solve problems, make informed decisions and discover that you are the experts.



Combine powerful content and striking images to illustrate trends and best practices, educate prospects, build a reputation and shorten sales cycles.

Industry briefs

Industry Briefs

These short reports summarize trends, risks, opportunities and raise red flags. Ideal for time-strapped C-Levels with short attention spans.

Nurture content

Nurture Content

Take it slowly, send flowers and show that you care. Nurture marketing uses clever, targeted content and takes things a step at a time. It’s how you make sure you’re The One.



A valuable relationship marketing tool, these regular updates are an excuse to stay in touch and generate leads. Speak to the individual reader and make your content easy to skim.


Case Studies

Everyone loves a story and B2B buyers are no exception. This is the perfect way to showcase your products and services using testimonials from clients who already love what you do.

Marketing collateral


The materials you use to support your sales can take on different tones, but need to have a common voice, Make sure your marketing collateral serves your message.

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