Corporate Communications

Create a consistent and professional image inside and out

Corporate communication is all about getting the right information to the people who need to know. It’s the face you present to the external communities of people who seek information about you, as well as those you seek to influence. Just as important, it’s about what you say within your company, and how you handle your internal corporate communications.


Here are some of the key tools to engage your stakeholders.

Annual report

Annual Reports

Is it really that time of year again? More than just a regulatory obligation, these retrospectives are a reason to share and celebrate. An annual report writer and project manager can help take the sting out of meeting your deadline.



Not everyone has the time or the talent to write their own speeches. Sometimes it takes an objective eye and a skilled professional to spin your passion into a persuasive argument and a standing ovation.

Corporate biography

Corporate Bios

Often sidelined on tomorrow’s to-do list, these short intros are your corporate handshake. After all, it’s your people who seal the deal, and you need to showcase your best and brightest.

Thought leadership

Thought Leadership

Share your expertise and establish yourself as an authoritative industry leader when you publish thought leadership articles that attract the attention of your prospects and your customers.



You could do it, but you don’t have the time. Leave the research, drafts and editing to a communications specialist.

Mission statement

Mission Statements

Capture your corporate purpose and values in a brief description directed at your stakeholders.

Summary report

Summary Reports

You’ve got a lot of data on your desk and it needs to be turned into something meaningful.

Sell sheets


Nail down the key messages in a one-pager to make some noise about a new product or service.

Internal communications

Internal Comms

Make sure your employees are engaged and informed. What you share within your organization affects all interactions with the outside world.



Online or print, these customer-facing materials should tell a persuasive story, address pain points and outline the benefits of doing business with you.

Editorial calendar

Plans & Calendars

Plan your communications, define workflows and keep track of the materials you publish, using detailed communications plans and editorial calendars.



You’ve got something significant to say, but it doesn’t fit into your schedule. A ghostwriter can turn your thoughts into a convincing corporate message-authored by you.

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