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Content that nurtures and engages

I can help you achieve your content goals



Whether I’m creating copy for advertising, B2B, corporate or government, I focus on using words to inform, educate and nurture the influencers, consumers, buyers and audiences who interact with your organization.


Content marketing

Marketing content

A senior marketing content writer can connect you to all the right people by producing consistent, valuable and relevant content to match marketing personas and bring customers closer to your brand. Take a fresh look at your marketing materials.


Corporate communications


Written or spoken, internal or external, your communications reflect your organization and your brand. Pay attention to every detail, and work with a senior corporate writer to squeeze the most from your message. Soon everyone will be paying attention.


Website content

Web Content Writing

Your site visitors are looking for content and you need to serve big portions of it. Feed them what they need, nurture your relationship, engage their interest and move them through the sales cycle.


Communications project management

Project Management

Part corporate player, part entrepreneur, my business experience informs what I write. Ask me to create a 250-word news item, or manage your complex communications project. Or both. Your call.