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Jul 03, 2009
Amanda O'Donovan

Think Content Constantly

I was reading the latest from Joe Pulizzi at when his posting about Content Strategy as the Future of Marketing caught my eye. He talks about a recent presentation by Kristina Halvorson from Brain Traffic, a Minneapolis-based web agency that thinks about content constantly. She advocates that concise, clear, compelling content should be part of a master plan. Structure it well and make it easy to find, as well as impossible to ignore, and you’ll drive sales at the same time as you deepen relationships.

Unfortunately some companies are still completely ignoring the importance of producing a constant stream of engaging content to attract and nurture clients. And, while others are waking up to the power of establishing an informative dialogue with past, present and future advocates of their products and services, very few understand the strategic importance of content. It’s not just a handy little gadget in the communications tool belt……it should be the hub of your entire marketing strategy. Ignore it at your peril.

Your audience will only read your content if it’s relevant and useful. Joe Pulizzi suggests thinking more like a publisher than a marketer, hiring a content strategist and viewing your content as a valuable asset that draws on multiple sources to educate and entertain.

For more, take a look at Kristina Halvorson’s presentation on SlideShare.

Content Strategy: The Future of Marketing

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