Corporate writing tools
Feb 02, 2011
Amanda O'Donovan

How to Write Good Content

Today’s blog post appears thanks to the very talented Jay Eckert, founder of Parachute Design, a graphic design studio that creates beautiful hand-made websites, logos and materials for print. Not only is Jay a brilliant designer, but he also has a great eye for content. His blog today contains some very sound advice for anyone creating online copy. I’ve included his 8 hot tips below. For the Full Monty, take a look at Writing Effective Content for a Positive User Experience on the Parachute website.

Eight Ways to Sharpen Your Content Skills:

  1. Be Sure to Use Sub Headings – They’re a lifesaver for people in a rush.
  2. Remove Superfluous Content – Overly descriptive language can confuse.
  3. Make Important Information Stand Out – Grab attention to drive a point home.
  4. Offer Links within Your Content – Start simple and provide links for deep digs.
  5. Keep Your Content Up to Date – No one wants to read stale information.
  6. Make Sure Content is Readable – Make typography and fonts work for you.
  7. Summarize and Conclude – Remind your audience about what’s most important.
  8. Double and Triple Check – Readers need to focus on your message, not typos.

Amanda O’Donovan has collaborated with Parachute Design to combine creative content with innovative design. You can contact her at 416.456.3859 or