King with crown
Mar 14, 2016
Amanda O'Donovan


Content rules. It’s been said often enough, so I think we all get it. But is there more? Jonathan Perelman certainly believes so. When at BuzzFeed, he introduced the concept of distribution as the power behind the content throne. At a recent Rogers Talks small business presentation, the panelists also emphasized […]

Girl on a boat with a sunhat
Oct 04, 2011
Amanda O'Donovan

Lost in Translation?

Communication breakdowns can happen anytime, anywhere-often without a language barrier in sight. Translation traps exist in even the most innocent of exchanges. Caught in the confusion, your message could either sink without trace or become misinterpreted and misrepresented. Instead of basking in accolades you’ll […]

Corporate writing tools
Feb 02, 2011
Amanda O'Donovan

How to Write Good Content

Today’s blog post appears thanks to the very talented Jay Eckert, founder of Parachute Design, a graphic design studio that creates beautiful hand-made websites, logos and materials for print. Not only is Jay a brilliant designer, but he also has a great eye for content. His blog today contains some very sound advice […]

Pug in a blanket
Mar 31, 2010
Amanda O'Donovan

Where do Apostrophes go?

I’m always amazed (and amused) to see grown men reduced to a quivering heap at the mere mention of an apostrophe. In a blind panic, they randomly throw these little airborne commas at the page, hoping that some will land where they’re supposed to. I have also come across a few female culprits, but my […]

Man reading report on tablet
Mar 18, 2010
Amanda O'Donovan
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Charticles and Listicles?

When was the last time you read to the end of an article? Let’s be honest, some of us can’t even spare the seconds to read a whole blog posting or watch an entire YouTube video. Seth Godin describes this attention deficit as driveby culture. We’re all so busy searching for an experience, that we […]

Three brown and white cows
Nov 24, 2009
Amanda O'Donovan

Accent And Attitude

Seth’s nugget of the day dropped into my inbox a short while back, and I felt the irresistible urge to reblog. The posting speaks for itself, and serves as a cautionary tale that accent isn’t all about the spoken word. To find out if your writing has an accent, read Seth Godin’s blog.
Amanda O’Donovan is […]