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Content rules. It’s been said often enough, so I think we all get it. But is there more? Jonathan Perelman certainly believes so. When at BuzzFeed, he introduced the concept of distribution as the power behind the content throne. At a recent Rogers Talks small business presentation, the panelists also emphasized […]

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Lost in Translation?

Communication breakdowns can happen anytime, anywhere-often without a language barrier in sight. Translation traps exist in even the most innocent of exchanges. Caught in the confusion, your message could either sink without trace or become misinterpreted and misrepresented. Instead of basking in accolades you’ll […]

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Accent And Attitude

Seth’s nugget of the day dropped into my inbox a short while back, and I felt the irresistible urge to reblog. The posting speaks for itself, and serves as a cautionary tale that accent isn’t all about the spoken word. To find out if your writing has an accent, read Seth Godin’s blog.
Amanda O’Donovan is […]

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Blog Link to Web Ink

Do you keep your valuable content behind gates, or make it free for all to see? The debate continues about whether registration should be required in exchange for content such as ebooks, whitepapers or research reports. Some say that gated downloads produce valuable sales leads. Others argue in favour of making content freely [?]

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Carpe Diem

My last blog post was August 10, which may be a hint that I’m an expert on the subject of procrastination! I promised myself that I’d write this entry before I travelled to Europe for ten days earlier this month. When I returned, I was too busy with paid work to give it a second thought…but, again, I promised […]

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Make Content Digestible

The next big pandemic is attention deficit disorder. Nowadays, we need superhuman powers to ignore the daily distractions that prevent us ever reading to the end of a page. Smartphone, Googler and twitter users are professional skimmers, absorbing a few lines of your carefully crafted content before hopping [?]