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Feb 04, 2009
Amanda O'Donovan

Barack Your Business

Whatever your political persuasion, you cannot ignore team Obama’s spectacularly communicative campaigns – both for the Democratic nomination and the US presidency. Armed with a smart and sophisticated toolkit, the consummate community organizer transformed virtual klatches into lean, mean voting machines. His campaign office clearly understood the power of social media, and used it to unprecedented effect. Never before has the world been more informed about, or more interested in, the man in the White House. Now he’s in office, the new US President can also tap into a massive database of supporters who are eager to communicate about anything from “Buy American” provisions to the presidential pooch.

The lessons learned on the campaign trail are not limited to the political arena. Many of the methods could equally change business communications and the way organizations engage their customers, employees, suppliers and partners. PR firm, Edelman, has put together a fascinating document called The Social Pulpit, which takes a look at Barack Obama’s social media toolkit. It’s only 10 pages, and a good bedtime read. Let me know what you think.

Amanda O’Donovan is a Toronto-based freelance business writer. You can contact her at 416 456 3859 or info@amandaodonovan.com.