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Make Content Digestible

The next big pandemic is attention deficit disorder. Nowadays, we need superhuman powers to ignore the daily distractions that prevent us ever reading to the end of a page. Smartphone, Googler and twitter users are professional skimmers, absorbing a few lines of your carefully crafted content before hopping [?]

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Cloud Commuting

Say hello to your newest, smartest resource. The Cloud Commuter is highly skilled, eco-friendly, doesn't take up valuable office space and won't be asking for health benefits. California-based elance, the leading site for online work, suggests, "More people are making the online workplace their new office and are logging in to get to work. Three [...]

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Think Content Constantly

I was reading the latest from Joe Pulizzi at blog.junta42.com when his posting about Content Strategy as the Future of Marketing caught my eye. He talks about a recent presentation by Kristina Halvorson from Brain Traffic, a Minneapolis-based web agency that thinks about content constantly. She advocates that [...]

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Driven to Abstraction?

If you think that communication is all about words not images, you may find that you're writing in abstract terms. People remember pictures, not concepts. So, when your talk turns abstract, your readers start to drift - they're simply not engaged. If there's nothing concrete in what you're saying, there's nothing for them to identify [...]

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Grade Your Gobbledygook

Lexington MA-based David Meerman Scott is a Marketing Strategist and keynote speaker. David has partnered with Dow Jones Insight and HubSpot to weed out tired, overused and clich?-ridden business jargon from press releases, websites, case studies, whitepapers??.and just about any other kind of B2B [...]

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What is Communication 2.0?

Old world communication was about publication not participation. Small elitist groups delivered their messages to the masses, and remained firmly in command and control. In those days, we hoped people would stumble on our web content and we liked to think they'd find the information useful. In a 2.0 world, it's our job as communicators [,,,]