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Corporate writing tools

How to Write Good Content

Today's blog post appears thanks to the very talented Jay Eckert, founder of Parachute Design, a graphic design studio that creates beautiful hand-made websites, logos and materials for print. Not only is Jay a brilliant designer, but he also has a great eye for content. His blog today contains some very sound advice [...]

Boy shouting into microphone

Please Don’t Shout

Sitting in a doctor's waiting room the other day, I found myself becoming increasingly irritated by an unnecessarily large collection of instructions. Alongside the questionable assortment of obscure magazines, and the throng of way-too-graphic posters, I was assaulted by a number of barked commands, stuck to various surfaces [...]

Filing cabinet and work boots

Say it Like You Mean it

After a very annoying incident with a favourite pair of shoes this weekend, I made a mercy dash to the repairers in the mall to restore them to their former glory. Against my better judgment, I left my husband temporarily unattended in a men's clothing store, buying shorts that looked identical in every way to [...]

Man reading business newspaper

A Generous Contribution

I have Seth Godin to thank for the wonderful snippet of insight below. Not that he's aware of my gratitude. But, as one of his millions of blog followers, I appreciate his crisp, revelatory emails that land every morning in my inbox. This one is after my own heart. Instead of paraphrasing, here it is [...]

Pug in a blanket

Where do Apostrophes go?

I'm always amazed (and amused) to see grown men reduced to a quivering heap at the mere mention of an apostrophe. In a blind panic, they randomly throw these little airborne commas at the page, hoping that some will land where they're supposed to. I have also come across a few female culprits, but my [...]

Man reading report on tablet

Charticles and Listicles?

When was the last time you read to the end of an article? Let’s be honest, some of us can’t even spare the seconds to read a whole blog posting or watch an entire YouTube video. Seth Godin describes this attention deficit as driveby culture. We’re all so busy searching for an experience, that we […]