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Filing cabinet and work boots
Jun 07, 2010
Amanda O'Donovan
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Say it Like You Mean it

After a very annoying incident with a favourite pair of shoes this weekend, I made a mercy dash to the repairers in the mall to restore them to their former glory. Against my better judgment, I left my husband temporarily unattended in a men’s clothing store, buying shorts that looked identical in every way to […]

Man reading business newspaper
May 12, 2010
Amanda O'Donovan

A Generous Contribution

I have Seth Godin to thank for the wonderful snippet of insight below. Not that he’s aware of my gratitude. But, as one of his millions of blog followers, I appreciate his crisp, revelatory emails that land every morning in my inbox. This one is after my own heart.
Instead of paraphrasing, here it is […]

Pug in a blanket
Mar 31, 2010
Amanda O'Donovan

Where do Apostrophes go?

I’m always amazed (and amused) to see grown men reduced to a quivering heap at the mere mention of an apostrophe. In a blind panic, they randomly throw these little airborne commas at the page, hoping that some will land where they’re supposed to. I have also come across a few female culprits, but my […]

Man reading report on tablet
Mar 18, 2010
Amanda O'Donovan
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Charticles and Listicles?

When was the last time you read to the end of an article? Let’s be honest, some of us can’t even spare the seconds to read a whole blog posting or watch an entire YouTube video. Seth Godin describes this attention deficit as driveby culture. We’re all so busy searching for an experience, that we […]

Words in neon
Feb 18, 2010
Amanda O'Donovan

Who Hates Buzzwords?

I’ve been following a discussion on LinkedIn’s BtoB Marketing Group about the Business Buzzwords you love to hate. It’s an animated thread, and I’ve had a lot of fun finding out about the words people would like to ban from our business vocabulary. Personally, I’m tired of hearing about buckets and silos, low hanging fruit […]

Three brown and white cows
Nov 24, 2009
Amanda O'Donovan

Accent And Attitude

Seth’s nugget of the day dropped into my inbox a short while back, and I felt the irresistible urge to reblog. The posting speaks for itself, and serves as a cautionary tale that accent isn’t all about the spoken word. To find out if your writing has an accent, read Seth Godin’s blog.
Amanda O’Donovan is […]