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B2B Writer And Communications Project Manager


My name is Amanda O’Donovan. I am an experienced B2B corporate writer and content strategist, with a background in marketing, sales and operations. Combining creativity with common sense, my organizational skills and stubborn attention to detail keep communications projects on track, deliverables on deadline and clients smiling. Asking all the right questions, my inquisitive, analytical mind converts complex information into meaningful stories that engage their audiences. Business objectives and key messages are at the heart of everything I write.


Born and raised in the UK, Canada has been my home since 1996. I’ve also lived and worked in Belgium and France. I began my career in big business, with Unilever, and also have an entrepreneurial spirit, as well as experience as a volunteer. These combined skills have led me to work with businesses and not-for-profits of all sizes.


Why work with me?

Clients trust me to do independent, intelligent and thorough research to fill their corporate knowledge gaps. They tell me that I have a sneaky habit of creating clarity from even the most obscure source materials and chaotic brainstorming sessions.


Most of my work is done remotely, using whatever communication channel works best for you. Sometimes I become part of an onsite team, when I’m managing a communications project. I’ve been lucky to work with many smart, inventive clients and collaborators who thrive on doing things differently. I like how we learn from working together and inspire each other to become better at what we do.

Start the conversation!

I’d like to get to know you. Whether you’re planning a complete communications makeover, or just need help in a copy crunch, I look forward to learning about your business and working with your team.


P.S. A lot of work comes to me by referral, so if you like what you read, please don’t hesitate to talk about me behind my back.